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Rosin and Other Methods

We here @Summit Research believe in a solid and sound extraction. As it is stated a extraction is one component altering the overall compound availability of another product. In essence the starting material is stripped and the components desired are collected....

THCA Acidic Crystallization Technique

THCA acidic crystallization is now restricted content. Please contact us for information for making crystals. We no longer offer this online due to the dangerous chemicals used in the process. We are glad to help you, but making some info free can be risky. Contact...

Curative Extracts – Understanding the Basics & Testing

Most patients and production companies are unaware of the basic protocols in testing curative extracts, as well as the lack of transparency in the industry used to perpetuate sales and purchasing of testing. An extract cannot be directly submitted for testing....

Closed Loop Extraction and Operation

In this article we will focus less on operational protocol and more on closed loop extraction safety, even though we will mention a thing or two about it. We want to emphasize proper close-loop hookup, and operational processes that lead to safe usage and proper...

Fractional Distillation – Basics Series 1 of 4

Introduction to the beginning basics of the fractional distillation of curatives and anything in between. this is an intro of how things work and basic knowledge needed to understand the process from 0-99% minus small details – which we will include in questions...

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