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Preowned ExtraktLab 110+ Extraction System

Complete cycle in 60min! Process 150g/hour of crude oil.

Achieve four fractions with the included Terp Trap right on the extractor!

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New arrival- The apeks Supercritical MID-RANGE PRODUCTION expandable 2000PSI Co2 extraction system $59,990

2000psi Mid-range Production series models are equipped with the Apeks Diaphragm Compressor Technology which allows for cold separation to preserve volatile oils ensuring high-quality extractions. The energy-efficient, low maintenance Diaphragm Compressor gas pump increases processing efficiency — 20 to 50% faster extractions — while consuming just half the power!

Ideal for mid to high-volume production operations or areas where limited electrical power is available. Uses 230V single-phase power or 3-phase 230v, 208v, 460v.

Processes approximately 22-30 pounds of dried, ground cannabis in a 24 hour period

5L, 5Lx5L. 20L, 20Lx20L, and 5Lx20L vessel combinations available

Fully automated

Energy-efficient with cold separation processing and less maintenance with Diaphragm Compressor Technology

Faster extractions

Valveless Expansion Technology

Ideal for mid to high-volume production


Multiple power options

Our Industrial Control panels are UL Listed!

Preowned Bhogart 3x36 LFE Extractor


The BHOgart Horizontal Extractor is the result of years of research and experimentation.

BHOgart’s signature horizontal design allows you to run extractions back to back! The little brother, or “LFE” of Continuous Extraction Systems, the 6-inch Horizontal Extractor comes with one 3″ x 48″ Material tube. These tubes can be interchanged while the rest of the system is running to maximize your production scale.

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